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covid-19 safety guidelines

We will continue to update our Covid safety guidelines. Please read the following. Thank you for your cooperation! We appreciate you and your continued support!

- Masks are now encouraged but not required. 


- We will be using Bullen AirX Spray disinfectant. It has a two-minute kill time and is effective against COVID-19 per EPA guidelines. Our disinfectant is effective against a wide range of virus, fungus and bacteria We will be disinfecting ALL touched surfaces before/after every client. 


- Clients must wash hands before services. Employees have always done so and will continue to do so. We will also be wearing gloves during your services.


-We will not be taking sick clients, please reschedule if you are feeling under the weather. 


- As per usual, every client always gets their own set of disinfected tools pre-packaged in our sanitation pack. We never re-use porous items such as nail files and buffers as it is not safe nor sanitary. Clients have the option of taking them home after every service. Otherwise we dispose of them.


- Many salons use barbicide/other disinfectant sprays that have a ten-minute kill time. It is only effective if it has sat on a surface for at least ten minutes. Please do your due diligence and make sure your salon is following proper disinfecting techniques to kill the virus. This will help prevent the spread!


- We are doing everything in our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We appreciate you working alongside with us during these times. 


- Your continued support means everything to us. We would not be here without you! We will continue to offer our same, exceptional service to each and every one of our amazing clients. Thank you again!!

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